buy steroids from Thailand

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This shop is for customers who are in Thailand, or for customers abroad who want to buy steroids shipped from Thailand.

Stealth shipping means you will receive items completely unrelated to what you have ordered. This is necessary in order to hide your real purchase and to disguise the shipment as something else. Before you attempt to recover your purchase, contact me for instructions.

Orals will be shipped without boxes (loose tabs). Injectables will be shipped in their original, sealed vial/amp but without the original box.

If you wish to receive the products in their original, sealed packaging, please refer to the  Price List (shipping from EU) page.

IMPORTANT: Payment by Paypal and Bitcoin ONLY. There are no other ways to pay.

How to use the Store:

1. Click on Cart on the menu above – or go the the Price List page (shipping from Thailand)

2. Click on the items you wish to buy and add them to the cart

3. Click Checkout to see the full order you’re about to buy

4. Register with your contact and shipping details

5. READ & FOLLOW the payment options available at checkout

WARNING: don’t place an order if you don’t intend to pay. Your contact details be will be added to the spammers database page