F.A.Q. – updated 13/06/18

1. How do I order?

Go to the pricelist page and click on the products links. The links will take you to store.superbolic.com where you can buy the best Thai brands, shipped from Thailand by me. All product links in Pricelist2 will take you to a similar shopping cart. The difference is that those products are shipped by my partner in EU in their sealed bottles/vials, definitely a better option for resellers and end-users alike. Also, those brands are top quality from EU and not available in Thailand. Obviously if you choose items from 2 different pricelists they cannot be shipped together, as the locations are different.

2. Which forms of payment do you accept?

Paypal and Bitcoin ONLY. The shopping carts don’t have automatic payment systems, so after you checkout you have to send me an email to get payment instructions. If you are unable to pay with either Bitcoin or Paypal, unfortunately I’m unable to sell to you.

About Bitcoin: I receive dozens of questions about how to get them. I’m not here to offer tutorials. Google is your friend. But I do understand it’s in my best interest to receive payment in Bitcoin. Click here to learn the basics, then read this post to buy them if you are in Australia.

About Paypal: as every online retailer sadly knows, Paypal is notorious for freezing accounts and confiscating the funds for any reason. Selling steroids is high in their list of violations. That is why almost nobody in this trade accepts Paypal. I accept it only if:

A. funds are sent as “send money to friends and family”;

B. you don’t write anything in the message attached to the payment on Paypal website;

C. you send USD only at Paypal’s exchange rates;

In some countries Paypal doesn’t allow to send to friends and family. In this case, please contact me.

Also, please note that it takes 5-7 working days to withdraw from Paypal balance to the linked bank account, so occasionally I have to factor this into my shipping schedule.

IMPORTANT: Once if you place an order, you commit to go ahead with the payment within 24 hours. To play with the shopping cart and/or ask for payment details and then disappear is considered very offensive in this business, not to mention potential affiliation with law enforcement agencies. Data collectors and spammers are not welcome and action will be taken. If you change your mind about your order, please inform us. If you don’t and just disappear, you will be banned and your name and email address will be added to spammers databases – read this post.

3. Do you have other products? Can you source other brands?

No, because we can guarantee quality/price for these brands only. I stay away from obscure UG, Chinese brands and home-made stuff. I only sell pharma grade products. Also, I don’t sell opioids and stuff like Xanax, Oxycontin, Adderall, etc.

4. Your prices are lower than the average. Are you selling fake gear?

No. We buy from manufacturers and distributors. Hence, we have better prices. If we start receiving accusations of selling fakes because of low prices, we’ll increase them to make you happy. OK?

5. Do you offer discount for bulk orders? Do you do drop shipping?

No, we don’t offer discounts as our prices are possibly the cheapest. Yes, we do drop-shipping now with our partner in EU. Please refer to Pricelist2.

6. Do you offer free samples?


7. Where do you ship from?

Thailand (Pricelist page). A country in EU (pricelist2 page)

8. I need to start a bulking cycle. What do you recommend?

There are excellent forums for these questions. We cannot offer advice, because we don’t know. We are just traders, not bodybuilders.

9. Do you ship discreetly? Do I have to sign to get the parcel? What happens if my order is seized by customs? Do you reship for free? Do you refund?

We use various methods to disguise the gear. Our stealth packaging follows the same standards used by Deep Web vendors. We are confident that all our parcels will pass through customs, as we spare no effort to hide the gear, but there is ALWAYS a risk. And the risk is on you. In case something unfortunate happens, we will reship at a discounted price (but not for free) to a different name and address. We only ship by Air Mail Registered, which doesn’t work like EMS or couriers. There is no need to sign but also you can’t track the shipment all the way. The tracking code will be emailed immediately after shipping, as a proof of shipment done. What happens afterwards is in the hands of Thai Post/your country post/customs/God.

10. Why should I trust you?

A word about trust: for one bad review on a forum there are about ten happy customers who never bother to write anything anywhere after they received their order. This silent majority is the base of my business and I will never solicit good feedback from them. This is how the Net works now: online forums decide who is legit and who is a scammer, mostly based on the rants of people who are not even customers and will never be. This kind of feedback is always manipulated: the positive can be bought and the negative can be created by a competitor, or by one unhappy customer. Anybody can accuse a seller of being a scammer, for whatever reason. I never wanted to follow this form of marketing, as it requires too much time and it’s rather useless to create orders. I prefer to gain your trust by showing how I operate. I’m happy to send you small quantities, at a nominal price, so you can evaluate my work. If you are unprepared to invest some pocket money to test a new source, I’m afraid we are not compatible enough to start any business relation. Small quantities for test orders are available at the test orders page

11. My order was shipped on this date and so far nothing has arrived. Can you do something? Where is my order?

There is nothing to do but waiting. You will receive the order or you will receive a letter from customs (depending on the country, this is not always the case). You may want to inquire at the post office using the tracking code, but if the parcel hasn’t passed customs it’s not visible in the postal system network. In summary, once it has been shipped we cannot do anything on our side. Our part of the deal ends at the post office.

12. Are the items shipped in the original, sealed boxes?

Pills shipped from Thailand are ALWAYS repackaged without the original bottles as the risk of customs seizure is too high. Injectables will be shipped in their original amps/vials. Items on pricelist2 are shipped from EU in their original sealed containers, displaying authenticity codes to be verified online.

More questions? Contact me directly at manager@superbolic.com