Terms and Conditions – Updated 20/8/18

1. All products in the price list are guaranteed genuine and well within expiry date as specified by the manufacturer. They are shipped to you as we buy them.

2. Payment is always in advance. Payment details are provided at checkout.

3. We don’t offer total refunds or free reship anymore (we did until March and November 2016 respectively). In case of custom seizure, we reship at a greatly discounted price, but not for free. The risk of custom seizure is always present and we do our best to ensure your order will pass custom inspections. But we cannot guarantee 100% success (nobody can). As you are importing steroids into your country, the risk is on your side. We are prepared to share it, but not to take it all on our side. If you don’t agree with this view, don’t buy from us.

4. We reserve the right to refuse orders from any customer deemed suspicious, fraudulent or risky (if you have previously received a “notification of seizure” letter from Customs, your name and/or address is flagged and the chances you will receive any order are slim).

5. Placing an order at the store and/or asking for payment details and not following through with payment is considered bad business practice or spamming and will not be tolerated it. This will result in your contact details added to the spammers database and banned forever.

6. From the moment you pay we might take a maximum of 7 working days to pack and ship your order, or longer in case of national holidays. If you pay by Paypal please consider that it takes 5-7 days for withdrawal to bank account. While we process your order you will not receive any communication from us. Please avoid sending emails during this time as they might not be replied to. As soon as the order is shipped, you will receive a Shipping Confirmation email with details of the shipment, tracking code and instructions on how to use it. After that, there won’t be any further notice from us. Please don’t ask for information or help about the order after it has been shipped, as there is nothing we can do to retrieve it at that stage. The tracking number provided is for you to inquire at your local post office.

7. All orders will be shipped by Thai Post Air Mail Registered. We don’t ship by EMS (unless it is a domestic order), couriers or allow pick-up in person.

8. Orders shipped by Air Mail Registered cannot be fully tracked all the way from the origin to the consignee. The tracking code is good only for monitoring the shipment in the country of origin (from post office to airport) and its arrival at the consignee (after customs clearance). Therefore, the tracking code provided upon shipment is just a “proof of shipment” for the buyer’s peace of mind. Orders cannot be tracked online at every step as air mail registered is not EMS.

For further questions, please contact us directly at: manager@superbolic.com 



Updated 20/8/18